Lisa Ritchie Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics


Implanting pigment into your body is a big deal, its there for a long time, so it should be safe and not have any harmul substances in it. Thats why I chose Colouressence by Goldeneye as it is safe, ethical and beautiful.

All tattoo and permanent make up pigments have to be REACH compliant in the EU by January 2022. This is to make sure that they are safe enough to be implanted into your body. So many brands are now having to be reformulated for this reason, however Colouressence has already reached this status and has been REACH compliant for some time now so it is already perfectly safe to use.

I always like to tell my clients about the pigments I use at their consultation and I have to say after using these pigments since April 2021, they are by far the best pigment range I have worked with. Not only is the retention fabulous but the colours are gorgeous. It's a range thats all about mixing, so be rest assured that the colour I choose for you, will be especially mixed and tailored to best suit you.

Here's the science bit about these beautiful, safe and ethical pigments

Colouressence are state of the art micropigmentation colour pigments. The colour pigments guarantee a simple application and additionally heal quickly and vibrantly. Colouressence contains about twice as much pigment as other micropigmentation colours and comes in liquid form despite its very high pigment concentration. Goldeneye relies on the latest production technologies and exceptionally high safety requirements during manufacturing

Colouressence colours are.........

FREE OF IRON OXIDE- avoiding iron oxide altogether greatly increases the pigments stability in the skin with no discolouration over time and even reduces the risk of allergic reactions

MRI-PROOF- all of the colour pigments are not magnetic and therefore pose no risk during magnetic resonance imaging.

FREE OF ALCOHOL- as a result, colouressence colour pigments are extremely skin compatible and sting less during micropigmentation.

FREE OF Azo PIGMENTS- they do not use any azo pigments in accordance to the EU resolution ResAP (2008)1 during manufacturing. These colour pigments cannot release carcinogenic aromatic amines and every batch is tested for impurities that might occur during manufacturing or shipping.

TESTED FOR HEAVY METAL- therisk of an allergic reaction is reduced.

FREE OF NDELA- colouressence consistently test the colour pigments for NDELA in accordance to Swiss standards.

FREE OF PAH- Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are carcinogenic and are prohibited in micropigmentation colour pigments.

FREE OF PRESERVATIVES- to avoid allergic reactions

REACH COMPLIANT- colouressence pigments are REACH compliant according to EU regulaion 2020/2081

STERILE- the colour pigments are vacuum mixed and dispersed to avoid contamination. In addition, the colouressence colours are gamma steralised.

THOROUGHLY TESTED RAW MATERIALS- colouressence exclusively use the very best high quality, tested raw materials and consistently conduct additional testing by independant laboratories in accordance with our resource management.

NO ANIMAL TESTING- colouressence are strictly against animal testing.

VEGAN- every colouressence colour pigment is completely vegan and does not contain any animal product.

"NBT- NARROW BAND DISPERSION" TECHNOLOGY- colouressence pigments are designed to fade evenly over time. Every raw material is custom sized to the colours specific requirements. As a result, the colour pigments are fully absorbed by skin, have an extraordinarily high colour density and show almost no discolouration over time.

"ADVANCED SKIN SEALING" TECHNOLOGY- the colouressence pigments have an excellent pore sealing effect. This technology optimally seals punctures of the skin and prevents colour blowouts. As a result, the colour pigment remains beneath the surface of the skin right from the start.

HIGH PERFORMANCE PIGMENTS FROM EUROPEAN MANUFACTURERS- the colouresence colour pigments are made of pure, high performance pigments from leading European pigment manufacturers that meet every safety requirement from the very beginning. They are extremely lightfast, bright and astonishingly saturated.

COSMETIC AND PHARMACEUTICAL DISPERSANTS- the dispersants are exculsively derived from cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials. We firmly refuse to use low quality resources in an attempt to reduce costs.

IT SUPPORTED FORMULATION AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM- we use an IT supported formulation system and quality management system to gaurantee a consistent quality and high colour fidelity. We document our colour pigment manufacturing in detail from the moment we purchase raw materials to the point of retailing the colour pigments. Therfore colouressence almost reaches the highest standard of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. We do everything possible to ensure our pigments are safe.