Lisa Ritchie Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics



Looking for something more than Microblading?

Micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing are names known for permanent makeup procedures (PMU) and is the revolutionary method of depositing pigment into the skin by using a digital makeup or tattoo machine.

Natural, soft or intense, all are possible with Micropigmentation, no matter the skin type. Even oily skin, large pores and mature skin types are suited to machine work, unlike Microblading which is not always suited to everyone.

I go between 2 machines depending on what style of brow I am creating. These are 2 of the best on the market and with these machines, the pigment penetrates the skin efficiently, which makes the pigment last longer in the skin (aftercare and lifestyle dependant). Specialised needle formations are used and can create crisp, natural hair strokes for an amazing result.

Machine eyebrow procedures range from individual hair strokes for a very natural look to a shaded powder effect which are explained below


Machine combination brows are a combination of machine hair strokes and a powder effect to achieve a beautiful, natural yet defined brow. The bulb of the brow has feathered hair strokes whilst the tail of the brow are powdered to achieve the perfect definition.

This is fast becoming a very popular style amongst my clients as you can get the same effect of hairstrokes you would with microblading, however it is less invasive and is suitable for all skin types.


If you prefer more of a make up look on your brows and fill then in all the time with a pencil then a powder or ombre brow would be best suited to you!

Powder brows help clients achieve more of a powdered or ombre look instead of individual hair strokes. Powdered brows can be as soft or intense as you wish and works great for clients with all skin types.

A machine is used to puncture the skin gently using a whip shading effect to deposit all the colour gradually on top of your eyebrow shape, making an even and equal outcome all throughout the brow.

An ombre effect can also be achieved which means the tail at the end of the brow is darker, whilst it slowly and gradually fades and looks a lot more natural at the bulb of the eyebrow.

Young or older, a powdered effect eyebrow will suit everyone and when these heal they will soften into beautiful brows.


The Diamond Brow is a new style of brow that I have learned. Its trade marked so at the moment there are no other artists in my area offering it. This gorgeous brow is all done with machine. By creating layers of soft pixels you build up the brows until you have an ombre effect at both the top and bulb of the brow. Its an absolutely stunning eyebrow!


This is the sister to the Diamond brow. It is also trade marked and I am the only one in the area offering this is at the moment. 

The Dusty Diamond is again created only with machine by layering up little pixels. The difference with this one is that it is completely borderless and the bulk of the colour is throughout the spine with softer diffused edges. This once healed will give a very soft powdered look. This is a great style for anyone that just wants more a tinted look and perfect for older clients too as there are no harsh edges anywhere on it.