Lisa Ritchie Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics

Healing & Aftercare

Aftercare is key to the healing of your permanent makeup and must be strictly followed!

For the first 6 hours post treatment, keep the area completely clean and dry. After 6 hours, gently clean with water and pat dry, do not rub. Apply a grain size amount of microbalm over each brow with a clean cotton bud.

DAY 2 - Apply a grain size amount of micro balm on your brows 2 to 3 times a day. Your new brows may look darker and thicker from day 2 but dont panic as they will start to lighten in a few days.

DAYS 5 TO 7 - The dreaded scabbing and peeling stage! As long as you are following the correct aftercare from Day 1, then the scabbing should be kept to a minimum. Most just have a slight flakiness, but if you do have scabs, just take extra care for them not to come off prematurely. Scabs or flakes should NEVER be picked off. If they come off before they are ready, you will be left with no or very little pigment underneath, resulting in gaps in your brows.

DAYS 8 TO 28 - After your scabs or flaking have completly gone then you can just apply the microbalm once a day for best results and skin healing.

You will experience loss of pigment after your first session, that is why 2 sessions are always needed. As long as all scabs and flakes have gone and your skin has healed over then you can fill in any little gaps with a makeup pencil if you want until you come back for your top up.

Whislt your healing - 

No swimming, sauans or steam rooms until skin has healed over

No direct tanning or sun beds whilst healing

No excessive exercise for the first week to avoid sweating on your new brows

Keep showering every day to a mimimum time to avoid excessive steam and never let the shower spray hit you directly in the face until after the scabbing stage.