Lisa Ritchie Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics



I offer 3 differnt styles of eyeliner, from a classic lash ehancement to having flicks and shading for a more bolder look.

Eyeliner is done with a digital PMU machine and is applied next your eyelashes so that it gives your eyes that pop!

You can have just upper or lower lids done or both. 

Flicks and shaded liner are also available. Although most people prefer black, I also have different colours ranging from browns, charcoals, blues and greens.

Please note that you have to have a consultation prior to the procedure, which takes around 15 minutes. During this consultation I will explain the styles, whats involved during your treatment and give you a patch test. If you would like to book in for a consultation or to get any more information on any of the eyeliner procedures then please get in touch